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Darjeeling "The Champagne of Teas"
Darjeeling tea is universally acknowledged to be the finest tea. Its flavor is so unique that it can not be replicated anywhere else in the world. It has no equal.

Grown in the romantic and mystical mountainous region of Darjeeling, India, at an elevation of 750 - 2000 meters, this tea is imbued with an incomparable charisma and quality. Grown in century old tea gardens, these tea bushes are nurtured by intermittent rainfall, sunshine and moisture laden mellow mists. The soil is rich and the hilly terrain provides natural drainage for the generous rainfall it receives.

Tea pluckers, well aware of the status their produce enjoys throughout the world, pick only the finest two leaf and bud to enhance the unique flavor which has been described as Muscatel (denoting "grapey" taste). Darjeeling tea accounts for less than 1% of the world tea harvest. Considered the finest tea in the world, it is said that Darjeeling is to tea, what Champagne is to wine.

Like wine, a fine tea will enhance the taste of food. The light, flavorful taste of Darjeeling compliments English breakfasts, brunch, poultry, fish, spicy foods, & light savory meals. Darjeeling is perfect any time and best taken without milk or sugar.

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