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Presidential Tea
Tea Connexions is pleased to announce that our supplier was the only tea vendor in India invited to showcase our gourmet teas in exquisite packaging to the presidential delegation at the Maurya Sheraton Hotel in New Delhi, March 21-22, 2000.

The who's who of the Delegation had something great to say about our products:

Dorothy Rodham, Hillary Rodham Clinton's mother, took a liking to our products and ordered some of our best teas for her daughter and son-in-law.

In a note to our supplier, Dorothy Rodham wrote:

scan of Dorothy Rodham's Letter

"Your store is very elegant and I want to thank you for your courtesy. Good Luck"
(we proudly have a copy of the original on file)

Special note: Dorothy Rodham purchased the brass jar specifically for her daughter, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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