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Not All Tea is Created Equal
India's Tea Board strictly monitors all exports, ensuring that only the finest teas leave the country. No wonder India is the world's largest producer and exporter of tea.

Our Darjeeling, Assam, and Nilgiri bear the Tea Board's distinctive logos and include some of the world's finest Black, Oolong and Green Teas.

Black Tea's fully fermented leaves provide strong, dark tea liquor.
Oolong Tea leaves are given a shorter time to oxidize or semi-ferment.
Green Tea leaves are dried without oxidizing or fermenting.
Tea can be broken or leaf.

Broken grades are smaller or broken leaf particles.

The smallest particles, called Dust, are typically used in tea bags.

Liquor from the rarer Leaf Grade teas is smoother, lighter and milder than that of broken grades.

Only 20% of tea is Leaf Grade, from the larger tea leaves.

We specialize in the superior Leaf Grade tea.
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Darjeeling the "Champagne of Teas"
Assam the land of "One-Horned Rhino"
Nilgiri the beautiful "Blue Mountains"

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