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AT09 - Three Assam Teas in Rosewood Case: A beautiful rosewood container with brass accents makes this the ideal gift for tea lovers. The brass rhino is characteristic of the Assam region of India, a region rich with natures bounty. Inside are a set of three Assam teas (50 grams/ 1.75 ounces each): Assam Summer Tips, High Elevation Assam, and Assam CTC Tea.
FF07 - First Flush Elegant Inlay Case:A hand crafted box with brass elephant inlay. Contains 50 grams of First Flush Darjeeling. (180 grams/7 ounces)
MU05 - Muscatel Walnut Box: A hand crafted Walnut box. It contains 2 x 100 gram bags of Muscatel Darjeeling. (900 grams/2 pounds)
MU06 - Muscatel Rosewood Pen Case: A hand crafted Rosewood case, ideal size to store pens in. It contains 50 grams of Muscatel Darjeeling. (280 grams/10 ounces)
SF05 - Second Flush Rosewood Carved Case:A lovingly hand carved rosewood box with brass accents. Contains 135 grams of Second Flush Darjeeling. (400 grams/14 ounces) 
W4001 - Rosewood Pen Case: Inlaid brass complements velvety handcrafted Rosewood in this handsome case for storing tea, jewelry or executive pens. (25 organic Darjeeling tea bags)
W4004 - Rosewood "Tea" Box: Handmade of tropical hardwood, the Rosewood "TEA" box gleams with brass accents and "lettered inlay". The perfect gift for tea enthusiasts. (25 organic Darjeeling tea bags)
W4005 - Sheesham Cylinder: This limited edition hand-crafted tea holder brings together nature's best: the warmth and durability of Sheesham wood and the artistry of India's skilled craftsmen. Sure to become a collectible. (25 organic Darjeeling tea bags)
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